Kitchen tools and stylish storage – Tube


  • The perfect spoon holder – Turn the Tube top upside down and you have the perfect holder for those greasy, drippy kitchen tools
  • Super-stylish storage – Store your favourite kitchen tools in this stylish stainless steel Tube. No dust and grease when the Tube top is on top!
  • Your favourite kitchen utensils – Sillies Tube contains tongs, turner, spoon, spatula, spoonula and spaghetti spoon
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Sillies Tube contains tongs, turner, spoon, spatula, spoonula and spaghetti spoon.

Tongs – The Gripper. This one is so perfect. Grip and lift your food easily without burning your fingers! Our favourite for lifting bread from from the toaster. Also great for serving.

Turner – The Flipper. Flip and turn your feed easily on a frying pan, or on a griddle. Pancakes, burgers or omelet, the turner does it all. Also perfect for serving your dish.

Spoonula – The Best of Both Worlds. Scoops like a spoon, scrapes like a spatula! The best for getting those last bits around the edge of jars. Flexible on every side.

Spaghetti spoon – The One with The Hole. Did you know? It’s for measuring one serving of uncooked spaghetti (or two, for the little ones). Easypeasy!

Spatula – The Scraper. An absolute need for baker enthusiasts! Scrape out, spread and scoop every bit of goodness from your bowls and make delicious cakes.

Tube: Stainless steel. 33 cm high, Ø 11 cm
Utensils: Silicone. 30 cm length

Silicone is strong and flexible, long lasting and heat resistant, hygienic, easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand, and is friendly for your cookware. Ideal for daily use!

Cleaning your Tube and its tools is so easy. Simply place any of the silicone utensils in the dishwasher or rinse/hand wash with warm (soapy) water. The Tube is easily washed by hand.

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